Spring Gardening – No Limits Radio Show

NPR - No Limits host John Krull Fall Creek Gardens’ very own Maggie Goeglein-Hanna was a guest on the popular NPR No Limits radio show with host John Krull. The topic of spring gardening is discussed with gardener/journalist Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp, landscape architect Jeff Bolinger and Fall Creek Gardens Executive Director Maggie Goeglein-Hanna. Continue reading →

About Bees – Introducing Queens

QueenMarking 2 by Max Westby Next to Queen Rearing, I have given more time and study to the Subject of Queen Introduction than to any other branch of beekeeping. From the letters I received, I found that so many queens were lost in introduction, it was a wonder that any one had courage to buy queens only to lose so […] Continue reading →

About Bees—Spreading Brood

Bee Brood picture by Alan My advice concerning spreading brood is—“Don’t!” Many beekeepers in the past have attempted to make the queen lay more eggs by inserting empty combs, in the middle of the brood nest. I  have done considerable experimenting along this line and in every case the result has been a decrease in brood rearing instead of an […] Continue reading →

Feeding Weak Bee Colonies

Ball of Bees When a weak bee colony is found short of stores early in the spring, a good method of feeding is to take empty combs, place them in a tub and pour into them sugar syrup, made about two parts water to one of sugar. A thicker syrup does not go into the comb so readily. […] Continue reading →

Spring Hive Management

Bees by Alan Taylor Let us first consider “Spring Hive Management,” most of which should be done in the “Fall”. Especially is this true of feeding. Many beekeepers, when they find their bees a little light in stores in the Fall, make a great mistake by thinking the bees have enough to last thro the winter and can be […] Continue reading →

About Bees

About Bees Our next batch of articles will highlight the work of the great beekeeper Jay Smith. Jay was a master beekeeper in Vincennes Indiana who wrote About Bees. Last year I acquired an original copy of Jay’s 1926 booklet, About Bees. I also acquired a personal letter from Jay to one of his many loyal customers. Throughout the […] Continue reading →

From the President’s Desk…

Yummy Cherry Tomatoes The growing season is soon approaching. The weather has given us a few surprises in the amount of snow, crazy unseasonable temperatures and surprise peeks into the Spring. We have endured these unexpected challenges and are looking forward to the time we can get into the dirt. Last year we installed new garden beds, the […] Continue reading →

Community Gardening Organizational Meeting – Come Reserve Your Spot!

Indianapolis Organic Vegetables Spring is Coming! We’re excited for a new gardening year – plants, sun, earth, and most importantly, YOU! Meet with old friends and welcome new ones at the Community Gardening Organizational Meeting on March 20th at 6:30-8:00pm at the Unleavened Bread Cafe community room. We will be assigning plots to both new and existing gardeners, deciding on rules […] Continue reading →

Soil Quality—Key indicators

Dung Beetles Fighting It is essential for you to have fertile nutrient packed soil in your garden. Rich soil equals healthy plants—quality vegetables and beautiful flowers. In order for your garden to produce, you must take measures to make sure your garden soil can support your plants. Soil can lose its fertility over time and because of geography […] Continue reading →