Companion Planting

by Kay Grimm

Plants are like people. They like to have certain friends they just want to hang with. Their buddies they prefer to grow with help each other to be stronger or by attracting certain insects that would otherwise injure them. Sometimes, like in real life, friendships don’t always return favors. So notice who they don’t like to grow with and that will make for a happy garden.

Download Kay’s companion planting chart CompanionPlantingGuide.pdf.

By growing chemical-free gardens, you are:

  • building living soils that will be alive with worms and other helpful micro-organisms. The secret is in the soil.
  • growing clean, healthy food for yourself and family. A seed is the first step in a healthy food chain.
  • helping our groundwater stay pure and clean.
  • protecting our air by keeping it clean.
  • recycling waste products by composting, thereby saving valuable greenspace.
  • reversing global warming by composting, building good soils, planting cover crops and trees.
  • providing wildlife habitats by planting safe and necessary food sources from the worms to the birds.
  • encouraging diversity by gardening chemical-free.
  • honoring sustainable agriculture which is the foundation of our nation.
  • inspiring everyone around you to grow chemical-free to heal our Mother Earth.

Kay is an Indianapolis-area urban farmer, seed saver, Earth-steward, and artist.

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