From the President’s Desk…

The growing season is soon approaching. The weather has given us a few surprises in the amount of snow, crazy unseasonable temperatures and surprise peeks into the Spring. We have endured these unexpected challenges and are looking forward to the time we can get into the dirt.

Last year we installed new garden beds, the children’s garden, bicycle racks, and of course the mural. The collaboration on these projects and the response from the neighborhood has been tremendous. Now, we are poised for the new growing season and there is much to do.  I can see signs of Spring approaching.  We have lots of new exciting projects in the works.

We need volunteers and committee workers for our projects and events. I am inviting each of you to take an active role in making our urban community garden the best in the country. Get involved! Get growing!

We are presently demonstrating gardens at the State Fairgrounds, for the Flower and Patio Show’s “Urban Homestead” exhibit (Booth #756). Be sure to visit us if you attend. The last day of the show will be this Sunday, March, 16, 2014.

Joyce L. Moore,  FCG Board President

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