Spring Hive Management

Bees by Alan Taylor

Bees by Alan Taylor

Let us first consider “Spring Hive Management,” most of which should be done in the “Fall”. Especially is this true of feeding. Many beekeepers, when they find their bees a little light in stores in the Fall, make a great mistake by thinking the bees have enough to last thro the winter and can be fed in the Spring before they really run short of stores. By waiting until spring to feed, many complications arise. The colony is much weaker than in the Autumn before, the weather is usually so cool that the bees do not readily take the feed, and consequently many are drowned or chilled. Again as the colonies are weak, robber bees are liable to pounce upon those which are being fed and destroy them.

However all of us at times get caught in the Spring with some colonies short of stores. When a colony has less than ten pounds of stores at that time of year, remember, it is short of stores and should be fed. When a colony is down to that amount, brood rearing is slackened, a most disastrous condition, since at this time it is very important that brood rearing be at its height. Brood in early Spring will become the honey gatherers later, when the honey flow comes on. Hence the importance of uninterrupted brood rearing at this time.

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About Bees Spring Hive  Management

About Bees – Spring Hive Management

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