What’s new in the teaching garden!

Our hard-working Food Fellow, Blake Moskal, has the following update to share from the Stone Soup Kitchen Garden.   As always, if you are looking for an opportunity to learn about gardening, he works with our volunteers on Saturday morning to tend the teaching garden.

Over the past couple weeks our volunteers have been working hard in the Stone Soup Kitchen Gardens. Last week, our primary goal was to transplant all of the remaining plants out of the state fairground’s green house and into the soil. Upon inspection this week, it looks like we were successful in doing so, as our Swiss chard, tomatoes and parsley are thriving in the garden.

Volunteers were also able to start many plants from seed, including a large variety of leafy greens, squash, and
green beans. We are hoping to see these plants break through the soil any day now! We were also able to add some nutrient rich soil into some of the plots thanks to a surplus from the community gardeners.


Kevin Allison, also provided us with some valuable information on soil nutrients through his workshop on cover crops over the last few weekends. Kevin is the Soil Health Specialist with the Marion County Soil & Water Conservation District, and he provided a hands-on demonstration for our volunteers, community gardeners and anyone else who was interested. Thankfully, we caught a nice break in the rain and enjoyed a great turnout! As we continue to learn while growing our own crops, we hope to get the chance to learn from more guest presenters, like Kevin, who are willing to share their expertise.


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