Garden Chef Cooking Classes Starting June 10th!


Kelly Kimpton, chef at Soulshine Market catering and mobile kitchen, is partnering with Fall Creek Gardens to offer cooking classes to the community! The classes will be based around using seasonal veggies to create fresh, healthy meals, and we’ll be using produce from our teaching garden whenever possible.

For our June 10th class, we’ll be exploring chopped spring vegetable salad and tomato pie!  Yum! Come learn, taste, and take home recipes and nutritional information. There is a $5 fee to cover any ingredients we might need to purchase.  We’ll be posting updated recipes for each class this summer, as we see what is ready to harvest in the garden, so check back frequently!

About Chef Kelly:
“I currently run a catering company and mobile kitchen called Soulshine Market.  Prior to that I was IU Health’s Exec Chef for six years and worked with childhood obesity programs and inner city communities to educate and promote awareness on healthy living. I was a spa chef in Arizona before that and taught cooking classes to our guests on a weekly basis.”

Kelly is excited to partner with Fall Creek Gardens to teach people how to prepare amazing farm fresh vegetables and how to pair them with fresh grains and lean meats.

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