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Learn how to garden this winter with FCG!

FallCreekGardensContent-1 Fall Creek Gardens and the Indiana Organic Gardeners Association (IOGA) are excited to present our 4th annual winter class series:   Organic Gardening for Beginners Our four-part class series features one class each month from January through April–preparing you to grow your very own organic garden this spring!  Register for all four classes before February […]

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Giving Tuesday! Help us grow!

GT_Profile_Photo If Black Friday and Cyber Monday have left you tired of shopping, don’t forget that today is Giving Tuesday! Today is the perfect day to put your dollars to work in support of non-profits like Fall Creek Gardens. Please support our gardens, our work bringing better access to fresh produce to our community…and our exciting […]

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What’s new in the teaching garden!

fcg_2013 Our hard-working Food Fellow, Blake Moskal, has the following update to share from the Stone Soup Kitchen Garden.   As always, if you are looking for an opportunity to learn about gardening, he works with our volunteers on Saturday morning to tend the teaching garden.  To join, contact him:  bmoskal@butler.edu Over the past couple weeks our […]

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Pop Quiz: can you identify this flower?

pawpaw2 Have we mentioned our love of native plants at Fall Creek Gardens? Choosing plants that have evolved here in our region is beneficial for both our garden and for our local ecosystem.  Not only do they attract beneficial insects and pollinators to our garden crops, but they also require far less care and maintenance, and […]

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Build Better Gardening Soil: Mulching

Mulching2015 Properly caring for your garden soil greatly reduces having to repeatedly till the soil. By consistently enriching your soil organically, you maintain open and loose soil structure for your vegetable garden. Keeping the soil covered provides more soil structure—if you can, keep your soil covered. One great way to cover your garden soil is to use mulch. […]

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Build Better Gardening Soil: Tillage

RedCloverSky2015 Let’s quickly cover four methods to building better gardening soil—chicken manure, rock powders, and cover crops. Chickens and Rocks You can use the power of the chicken to enrich your garden soil. Chicken manure is a great source of rich, organic material that can really add to your soil enrichment process. Chicken droppings provide a microbial […]

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