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Garden Cleanup

garden vol Join us in the Fall Creek Garden on Saturday, April 15th as we beautify our neighborhood. Bring a trash bag, tennis shoes and a willingness to get your hands dirty while we make an effort to improve the Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood! Clean up is from 10am until 2pm. Plots are still available and will be […]

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Pop Quiz: can you identify this flower?

pawpaw2 Have we mentioned our love of native plants at Fall Creek Gardens? Choosing plants that have evolved here in our region is beneficial for both our garden and for our local ecosystem.  Not only do they attract beneficial insects and pollinators to our garden crops, but they also require far less care and maintenance, and […]

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Build Better Gardening Soil: Mulching

Mulching2015 Properly caring for your garden soil greatly reduces having to repeatedly till the soil. By consistently enriching your soil organically, you maintain open and loose soil structure for your vegetable garden. Keeping the soil covered provides more soil structure—if you can, keep your soil covered. One great way to cover your garden soil is to use mulch. […]

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Building Better Gardening Soil

CompostBin2015 Building a productive garden starts with good soil. Many gardeners start by digging up their yards, shovel in hand or guiding their trusty garden tiller—plowing the land. While that is a great start, adding the right organic material and using some natural techniques can create rich and productive soil that will provide a great foundation for […]

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What Have We Been Up To?

Fall Creek Gardens 2014 Whew! It’s been a busy summer and things here at the Gardens are speeding right along. Here’s a snapshot of our recent activity: 1. Organic gardeners love our classes! In July, attendees were able to learn about: Gardening with Native Plants, taught by Tom Hohman with Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society. Organic Pest Control […]

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About Bees – Introducing Queens

QueenMarking 2 by Max Westby Next to Queen Rearing, I have given more time and study to the Subject of Queen Introduction than to any other branch of beekeeping. From the letters I received, I found that so many queens were lost in introduction, it was a wonder that any one had courage to buy queens only to lose so […]

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