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Do-It-Yourself Garden Gear

DIY Garden Gear Using a do it yourself (DIY) approach, you can save money. Here are some ideas for no or low-cost garden tools. After another subzero winter, most of you are ready to get your gardens started. Getting seeds, tools, soil, and other items can be fun—but it can also get expensive. In this post, we’ll cover […]

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Build Better Gardening Soil: Mulching

Mulching2015 Properly caring for your garden soil greatly reduces having to repeatedly till the soil. By consistently enriching your soil organically, you maintain open and loose soil structure for your vegetable garden. Keeping the soil covered provides more soil structure—if you can, keep your soil covered. One great way to cover your garden soil is to use mulch. […]

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Build Better Gardening Soil: Tillage

RedCloverSky2015 Let’s quickly cover four methods to building better gardening soil—chicken manure, rock powders, and cover crops. Chickens and Rocks You can use the power of the chicken to enrich your garden soil. Chicken manure is a great source of rich, organic material that can really add to your soil enrichment process. Chicken droppings provide a microbial […]

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Mulch-2 Contact any tree cutting service near your garden and request chips. More often than not, they’ll be happy to provide a truckload (or more) of mulch at no cost. Make sure you have space for the pile and be willing to let it sit a while and break down.

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