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Learn how to garden this winter with FCG!

FallCreekGardensContent-1 Fall Creek Gardens and the Indiana Organic Gardeners Association (IOGA) are excited to present our 4th annual winter class series:   Organic Gardening for Beginners Our four-part class series features one class each month from January through April–preparing you to grow your very own organic garden this spring!  Register for all four classes before February […]

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Building Better Gardening Soil

CompostBin2015 Building a productive garden starts with good soil. Many gardeners start by digging up their yards, shovel in hand or guiding their trusty garden tiller—plowing the land. While that is a great start, adding the right organic material and using some natural techniques can create rich and productive soil that will provide a great foundation for […]

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Urban Gardens & Food Access In Indy

Fall Creek Gardens Planting season is underway at city gardens around Indianapolis and so is the effort to provide more people with fresh produce. At Fall Creek Gardens, on Indy’s near north side, some early spring crops are already peeking through the soil of the raised beds. “One of my gardeners got started really early and he has […]

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Soil Quality—Key indicators

Dung Beetles Fighting It is essential for you to have fertile nutrient packed soil in your garden. Rich soil equals healthy plants—quality vegetables and beautiful flowers. In order for your garden to produce, you must take measures to make sure your garden soil can support your plants. Soil can lose its fertility over time and because of geography […]

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Seed Information

Seeds-6 Not only does living, nutrient rich soil contributes to abundant harvests, so does the seed you plant. Many different kinds of seeds are available. Native Seeds has published the Seed Buyer’s Guide to help you navigate the many kinds of seed you’re likely to encounter. The following are their recommendations. BEST Choices Your own saved seeds, […]

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