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Black Gold — Black Walnut Harvest

Black WalnutWe have a small harvest of black walnuts! Black walnut trees are beautiful  and very valuable. Walnut trees produce delicious nutmeats and the tree’s timber are in high demand. A mature tree can yield 50K or more. Black walnut trees are a goldmine. Black walnut veneer — attractive and durable — is in demand. Walnut […]

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Growing Roots, Tending Flowers

Tree-Roots-1by Maggie Goeglein - The only “grandpa” I can remember is Grandpa Wilburt, my mother’s stepfather. Wilburt was a rather crusty old character–the most vivid impression I have of him is the smell of his Old Spice aftershave and the prickly brush of his whiskery cheek on mine when I would give him a hug at […]

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