Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors 2017-2018


Ryan L. Bennett (Chairperson) –






Artist, Activist and Visionary, this New Generation Renaissance Man is an alumnus and long time supporter of Asante Children’s Theatre. Creative Executive Officer of Kai Entertainment whose motto is “media that matters”, founded in May of 2012. At the age of 16 Ryan produced the 10 year news Magazine style television show, 360 Degrees through the flagship youth program of Indiana Black Expo. A graduate from Full Sail University with a degree in recording engendering; Brother Ryan is an internationally published photographer, producer, director and Academy Award winning crew-member and water aerobics instructor.  He has worked with television and film companies in Los Angeles, California and a documentary company in New York City producing Barack Obama, The People’s President and The Battle At Durban at the United Nations base in Geneva, Switzerland. A Philanthropist and man of L-O-V-E. Simply call him Brother Ryan. For he believes we are all brothers and sister in Christ’s Love.


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Denise Whittaker – 

Denise Whittaker

Strategist, Mid-North Quality of Life

Levert Sharpe –

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